The Socialite DJ Socializes at Tequila Restaurant

360 E Tropicana Ave suite #110, Las Vegas, NV 89169 I can’t even begin to tell you all how happy I feel to be back at Tequila again. My first time being there, it was just last year. I got the opportunity to DJ for them then. It was so great, I actually DJ’d there Read more about The Socialite DJ Socializes at Tequila Restaurant[…]


Mr. Black Tie visits Project Pie

MGM Grand, 3799 South Las Vegas Blvd., MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV 89109 (702) 463-6200 It’s one of the newest boys on the pizza block in Sin City. With it being full of pizza heritage, Project Pie is making statement of what’s good pizza. And from the crew’s response, both pizzas we had were Read more about Mr. Black Tie visits Project Pie[…]


The Socialite DJ talks with Middle Feast at Bally’s Foodie Fest

I love food as much as the next person. But there are some people who are absolutely in love with food. I really believe Arkadi is one of those people. His passion for what he does is unbelievable, and you can taste that in his food. I came across Middle Feast while walking around the Read more about The Socialite DJ talks with Middle Feast at Bally’s Foodie Fest[…]


Three Forks

A magical place to go to experience gorgeous scenery, exquisite meals, and a warm Southern welcome from the moment of entry, is a restaurant called III Forks, located in Addison. Nominated in “Great Restaurants of the World” by Whit Myths, III Forks draws in the everyday family, businessmen, and even some well-known stars. From the Read more about Three Forks[…]


P.F. Changs

Many people shy away from food or cultures that they do not understand because they would rather stick with the familiar. But the more we broaden our minds and try to understand other cultures and taste new foods, the more we will learn about each other as well as find new favorite dishes. P.F. Chang’s Read more about P.F. Changs[…]


The Socialite DJ Socializes with Grass Roots

Grass Roots is probably the most delicious and healthiest drinks I have ever tasted. Located in Downtown Las Vegas. I had the “Kick Ass” which has over 10 different super foods and Mr. Black Tie had the Matchaccino both were invented by Mr. Shane Stuart himself. I had the pleasure of having the chance to Read more about The Socialite DJ Socializes with Grass Roots[…]


Truk N Yaki at Magic

Anytime I’m doing something new, I get this sense of a feeling that makes me anxious. Whether it be DJing, dressing, or eating even. So DJing at Magic for the first time at Truk n Yaki, was slightly nerve wrecking, but it’s a good thing. So you can imagine how I felt about eating my Read more about Truk N Yaki at Magic[…]


Elephant Bar

The most sought out exotic food and drink bar that is living up to its name is Elephant Bar. Serving the adventurous taste of the Safari with an elephant-sized dinner, both plates and drinks are huge in size and in flavor. They offer appetizers such as the Wok-Seared Pan Asian Chicken and Lettuce Wrap, which Read more about Elephant Bar[…]


Wow, Being Resident DJ at Firkin on Paradise Was An Awesome Moment Indeed!

It lasted longer than I thought it was going to be, but being pretty close to the place I began DJing, Rumors Hotel and Boutique where I started, well it was pretty neat for me. I have been been a resident DJ for a few places, but then I actually just started this DJing thang Read more about Wow, Being Resident DJ at Firkin on Paradise Was An Awesome Moment Indeed![…]