Fierce People starring Diane Lane and Donald Sutherland and Twilight’s Kristen Stewart is a comedy that manages to touch all bases.This unique comedy about a young boy, coming of age, and his mother spending summer vacation with uppercrust New York socialites will satisfy both Comedy, Mystery and Human Interest storyRead More →

Hidden Figures was a wonderful movie illustrating why young women and girls in high schools and college should be encouraged to pursue math and science. More Science Fiction movies, featuring women as lead and supporting characters, and biographies on women in science, especially women of color, should be produced toRead More →

Singer Lizzo stuns at the B.E.T. Awards with an amazing solo dance and flute performance. The performance was the cake , but quickly became the icing on the cake as her flute performance took over, beguiling and hypnotizing the audience; the flute performance left you wanting more. Her fierce hairRead More →