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About Dangerous Di

Started 8 years ago as the 3rd member of the F-Bomb Show and went from there. I left Fashion for a short time more than once, yet I always wind back at thefashionradio.com or thecaffeineradio.com. Yet I Always to come home. I have a married Daughter, No, No grandkids yet to corrupt with good old Rock N Roll. I have a pet and my family is pretty cool!! Stick around and learn more about me and the people and things I love!!!

Posts by Dangerous Di

California Fires.

Written By: on November 16, 2018
Posted in: Sin City

Hello My Dangerous Darlings, These fire’s devastating the state of California have to be the worst in history.  Today after my show I hit my Facebook to check messages.  The…

Where were you?

Written By: on September 12, 2018
Posted in: Sin City

Happy Tuesday my Dangerous Crew,   The biggest question all over facebook and social media today is Where Were You?  Of course referring to the 17 year anniversary of the terrorist…

Burt Reynolds

Written By: on September 7, 2018
Posted in: Sin City

Hello My Dangerous Crew, Yes 2 in one day ( as I do my best Bandit laugh)  Sadly upon starting my show I received the shattering news that Burt had…