Hello My Dangerous Darlings, These fire’s devastating the state of California have to be the worst in history.  Today after my show I hit my Facebook to check messages.  The heading picture was sent to me from Jon Stockman who lives on the outskirts of Sacramento California. I can barleyRead More →

Hello my dangerous crew, Well all day I have been waiting on the season premier of Murphy Brown.   I was so excited it seemed like a week to me.  So at 9:30 pst  I put on CBS and settled in for a 1/2 hour of Murphy and the former FYIRead More →

Hello My Dangerous Crew,  What better way to spend the rest of the afternoon after my show them coffee with Freedom Mercado at Starbucks waiting on our girl the Socialite Dj Mss Monet!!!   Oz Fox did undergo a MRI earlier today and we are awaiting word of the results. SoRead More →

Happy Tuesday my Dangerous Crew,   The biggest question all over facebook and social media today is Where Were You?  Of course referring to the 17 year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on US Soil.  I started the show this afternoon a minute late because I was loading a song thatRead More →

Hello and Happy Friday to my Dangerous Crew,  Update on Oz Fox of Stryper!  Oz will be getting his MRI to see if the tumors have grown or shrunk on September 25th,  on September 28th he will be going to a seizure neurologist to get a EKG scheduled and toRead More →

Hello My Dangerous Crew, Yes 2 in one day ( as I do my best Bandit laugh)  Sadly upon starting my show I received the shattering news that Burt had passed at 82 earlier this morning. My heart was shattered.  Yes the Dangerous one broke down and cried as wellRead More →

Hey there my dangerous crew! So who watched the season premier of The Mayans?  I dvr’d it because I wasn’t sure I was going to like it and wanted to see my friends options before watching the show.  I can say the hour went fairly fast, some action but notRead More →