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Started 8 years ago as the 3rd member of the F-Bomb Show and went from there. I left Fashion for a short time more than once, yet I always wind back at thefashionradio.com or thecaffeineradio.com. Yet I Always to come home. I have a married Daughter, No, No grandkids yet to corrupt with good old Rock N Roll. I have a pet and my family is pretty cool!! Stick around and learn more about me and the people and things I love!!!

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Oz Update

Written By: on August 13, 2018
Posted in: Sin City

    Oz under went a spinal tap earlier this afternoon!  We are waiting on the results as soon as his family chooses to release them to the fan’s!

Oz Fox

Written By: on
Posted in: Sin City

As most of Sin City was informed late Saturday night  Stryper  ( Heavy metal Christian Rock Band) guitarist Oz Fox suffered a seizure on stage while playing with Vegas’s own…