I love you! You’re perfect! Now Change

I love you! You’re Perfect! Now Change! I remember when I first grew in love. I’d watch him while he slept and adore him while he snored. My soul would say to his “I love you.”  With those perfect pearly whites and soup cooler lips, between deep breathing, I’d whisper to him, “you’re perfect.” After Read more about I love you! You’re perfect! Now Change[…]


Birth Control, A Mans Responsibility

“Pop!Pop!Pop ( the sound of popcorn) ! Pop,pop!pop! She’s popping babies out like popcorn. Every time you turn around she has a baby on the way.  How many different baby’s Daddy’s does she have?  She’s just nasty.” We sure know how to judge women, we sure know how to talk about them. As if having Read more about Birth Control, A Mans Responsibility[…]


Debbie Downer.

I had the privilege of viewing the prerecording for this show entitled Debbie Downer.  The Queen of Hearts and her guests spoke candidly about their personal struggles with depression.  While the root causes were similar, the solutions differed. From prayer, to therapy, to accountability partners, there was no one-solution-fits-all rememedy; as one young lady pointed Read more about Debbie Downer.[…]


Feelings of the Fatherless

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child…scratch that- sometimes I feel Fatherless because that’s what I was, by design. My mother was on welfare, more like farewell; say farewell to having a man in the home, because he might make too much income (enough to exceed 10- 15% over the poverty level) and they’ll kick Read more about Feelings of the Fatherless[…]


Side Chick Syndrome

She’s his number one. The one he so-called commits to. The woman he chose to bear his children & carry his last name. The woman who gets first dibs on holidays, has access to the joint bank account, life insurance policy; his rib and number 1 fan.    That.    Woman.    Lovingly known as Read more about Side Chick Syndrome[…]