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Written By: on March 12, 2018
Posted in: Truth22

I love my skin but its not the skin, its whats within ,I’M bold and I’M proud but that’s not what makes me stand out , its whats within ,…


Written By: on March 11, 2018
Posted in: Truth22

loving is not simply a physical action , it is a spiritual act that is suppose to change the very fabric of our existence when we open our minds to…


Written By: on
Posted in: Truth22

You are beautiful but you don’t know it , you are powerful but you don’t show it , you are strong , and capable of reaching higher heights, but you…

Self Realization

Written By: on November 21, 2017
Posted in: Truth22

Nothing in your life will work until you come to know the person that you are , People go on a quest for love for example when they haven’t yet…

Spirit Energy

Written By: on November 17, 2017
Posted in: Truth22

The spirit of divinity knows who and where we are, therefore it is aware of what type of assistance we are seeking, or what questions that need answers.Whenever I need…

Live Your Truth

Written By: on November 9, 2017
Posted in: Truth22

Many people will compromise their God given gifts and abilities to appease others , or they my feel the need to hide their true self out of fear, of not…


Written By: on October 14, 2017
Posted in: Truth22

Love there is so much to say on the topic of love, poems are written expressing love in a natural sense of the word, however there is nothing natural concerning…