As I tore another sheet of paper out of my crisp yellow note pad, I was asked by a friend about how many sheets of paper I waste. I looked at my friend and I really thought about it. Anyone who knows me, or better yet, anyone who has beenRead More →

Conscious Loving which is the enhancement of partner commitment through loving communion. It includes the experience of the “valley orgasm:” longer lasting and continuing waves of energy moving through the body. It is the heart level of sexuality.Read More →

Are you a “JIC” Chick? If you are wondering what that is, it is a Just IN Case Chick. Break glass if needed. You may be a JIC Chick and not even know it. In the beginning of meeting someone, action ladies, I say again ACTION means more than words.Read More →

Instead of having an orgasm, then passing out for the night, make the rule that neither of you can come ’til morning. Throughout the night, whenever one of you happens to wake up, give the other one a sweet kiss or a sexy rub between their legs and he canRead More →

  When you have an emotional connection in bed, it doesn’t matter what you do – because it will always be good. When you have sex with a woman, your focus should be on communication. It’s as vital as creating good flow Without both communication and arousal, a woman won’tRead More →

Tv , Print , Radio … Coffee Grounds… Hmmm where do I start , I guess the Beginning to the END and The Ending is my beginning.. lol I wonder if that even came close to making any sense? To me it does; My life as I knew it wasRead More →