I’ve been working extra hard to get everything setup for my radio show that airs every Monday night on The Caffeine Radio and on LasVegasRadioNewspaper.com. I’m happy to be back and more excited than ever. I’m doing an experimental show tomorrow night and would love some feedback. I researched tonsRead More →

MUCH LOVE to thecaffeineradio.com for this blessed opportunity I have! I took a break Sunday to ensure that I am well-rested and WOUND FOR SOUND to debut my show HomeGrown Radio tonight out to my VEGAS peeps and all around the world! Mizz Cazzandarah gonna show you how we do it hereRead More →

I am going to try to remember to keep active on my blog but my weekends are soooo full of trying to fit in everything that I do right now, that by the time Tuesdays roll around I am beat up and exhausted. Last night I think our premiere of our radioRead More →

There’s just something about music that has always just had more of an impact on my soul than any other elemental fundamental transitional force ever introduced to the world. I mean it’s far more powerful to me than fire, water or gravity.  It has the ability to change your whole lifeRead More →

As a creature of the night, I am always caught off guard when things are revealed during the day. After midnight nothing surprises me. I have a deep understanding of psychology but not from an educated point of view, just from a first person perspective. I have observed strange behaviorRead More →

What a splendid and glorious concept you are. To express myself in such a way that I am able to draw attention to my own inward emotion outwardly. The beautiful things you have shown this world. The lovely way in which you capture a moment in time. What a wonderfulRead More →

….I awoke from my slumber.  A child in the belly of my bed.  A blanketing womb. Just as a white light flashes next to my head. Nestled deep in my dreams came but a disturbing force as my phone rang. “Who is that so late?” Oh but a call from a potentialRead More →