World Tea Expo 2019, June 11-13 in Las Vegas, to Serve up a Product-filled Exhibition and Business-building Educational Sessions Event to Attract More Than 3,000 Professionals and Feature a New “Origins Tasting Tour,” with a Chance to Win a Trip to Origin, and a Closing Party with The World TeaRead More →

I found myself in a mess, and wondered not only how did I get to this place, but how did I arrive here yet again? Why did I turn left when I should’ve turned right? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results. Might I needRead More →

“I can’t have a hug, unless I have a kiss.  My body baby, you truly do. Insatiable’s my name when it comes to you.” – Prince Insatiable in·sa·tia·ble /inˈsāSHəb(ə)l/ adjective (of an appetite or desire) impossible to satisfy. “an insatiable hunger for success” (of a person) having an insatiable appetiteRead More →

“I’ve done so much with so little for so long, that I can now do anything with nothing. ” “I’m not poor, Im pour. I’m just pouring money out. ” “Aye, I heard Dayo was racist! Yep, I only like green face$.” “Money won’t change me! It will, however, changeRead More →

Tell me you heard that last show “The games that men play.” 🔥 Well ladies, I love ya- but you dont get a pass tonight. The Queens special guest for the evening is Adivatude, former spoken word artist, player and master manipulator. As you have heard in the past “theRead More →

Hello my dangerous crew, Well all day I have been waiting on the season premier of Murphy Brown.   I was so excited it seemed like a week to me.  So at 9:30 pst  I put on CBS and settled in for a 1/2 hour of Murphy and the former FYIRead More →

Hello My Dangerous Crew,  What better way to spend the rest of the afternoon after my show them coffee with Freedom Mercado at Starbucks waiting on our girl the Socialite Dj Mss Monet!!!   Oz Fox did undergo a MRI earlier today and we are awaiting word of the results. SoRead More →