Good evening all!  1st I would like to apologize for cutting a hour short today. I had a family emergency, again I am very sorry I had to bail on you all today.       Now on to last night!!! Yes we had a blast. A little game style room onRead More →

I just wanted you all to know Oz Fox is home and resting tonight. The Dr gave him a emergency blood patch to the spine yesterday and it is working today Oz’s head pain is gone and he is resting with his wife Annie at home.  Prayers are still neededRead More →

Hello and good evening everyone!!!   Yes we hit Utah yesterday for a one day turn around. Man what a long yet beautiful drive it was. Leaving Vegas at 4am was a bit crazy since that’s normally when I crash and burn, so yesterday was a no sleep day forRead More →

Good evening all, I do know that you are all hearing of Aretha Franklin’s passing but let me set this straight. At this time there is only news of the Queen of Soul being in hospice and close to leaving us to join God’s choir. Someone on social media hasRead More →

    Oz under went a spinal tap earlier this afternoon!  We are waiting on the results as soon as his family chooses to release them to the fan’s!Read More →

Just a reminder I have business in Utah tomorrow and won’t be here. I will do my best to blog from the road and get lots of pictures and video for you all!!! This is a quick 1 day trip to take care of a few things and then returnRead More →

As most of Sin City was informed late Saturday night  Stryper  ( Heavy metal Christian Rock Band) guitarist Oz Fox suffered a seizure on stage while playing with Vegas’s own Sin City Sinner’s.  The Sinner’s manager and friend took to facebook to alert the fans, friends and music community ofRead More →

Good Afternoon Everyone!!! Yes I feel like a vampire today! We didn’t leave Vamp’d till after 3am after one of the Greatest Rock Jams ever with the Alice Cooper Band, Jessie Camp and local musicians taking the stage at the only Rock venue in the city!!!  Lets go back toRead More →

The last few days before school starts and having kids in the house I am keeping the show clean with awesome classic rock and pop.  Once school starts I can add more pg-13 music in the mix.  Thinking about adding in some international bands as well such as Baby MetalRead More →