Are you a “JIC” Chick?

Are you a “JIC” Chick? If you are wondering what that is, it is a Just IN Case Chick. Break glass if needed. You may be a JIC Chick and not even know it. In the beginning of meeting someone, action ladies, I say again ACTION means more than words. Especially the words on a Read more about Are you a “JIC” Chick?[…]


Time for you to Awaken…

As a species, or biggest injustice to one another in to ourselves, beyond cruelty, war, and disease, is that we forget our interconnectedness with all other living creatures. We pull ourselves back into the everyday mind and believe we are separate from others, above, below, different, and therefore not responsible. We are not separate. We Read more about Time for you to Awaken…[…]


For a struggling Woman, hear this..

To a woman..mother..wife who is stuggling today.. Some motivational words to say to yourself. What are you? A woman who is a mother, a wife, a daughter, sister, a friend, you are everything that one can think of. You are the homemaker, someone’s heroine, a boss, an employee. You are one of the two wheels Read more about For a struggling Woman, hear this..[…]


The Caffeine Radio Welcomes JP Hitch

JP Hitch on WTF My Relationship JP Hitch has a passion for understanding relationships. When, how, why, and what are we doing in, out, and around them.   He is a spiritual master, student of psychology, and matchmaker. He has spent years studying people, relationships and coming to the conclusion of WTF?! His passion is to Read more about The Caffeine Radio Welcomes JP Hitch[…]