Aoni Bring’s Sex Back to the Beginning of Sex All Natural ( Avn EXPO )


I’d have to say, I was shocked seeing Aoni condoms at the AVN Expo. I would of thought Aoni would be more at a womens health and fitness expo.aoni-condom-worlds-thinnest-condom_0

Due to the top A grade product, they focus on science and health of the product itself.
Aoni is about the natural sensations. Beside being one of the top notch condoms; Just in 2013 Aoni Ultrathin 001% was awarded thinnesst atex condom Dec 2,

by Guiunness World Records !!for Aoni to make the finest product is to literally start at the beginning. So Aoni they  take shape  before production stage with their Latex, for Aoni it’s essential part of their product, harvesting latex. water planet  tree101
So for Aoni rubber still remains the most natural polymer with unique performance available to them to ensure that Aoni condoms can be top level above the rest. Continuing the strength needed for performance they yse a variety of differently treated and aged latex giving the product the perfect balance.

Such as high quality water is used. Although water only acts as the catalyst agent in the making of condoms. When it comes to creativity the finest condoms Aoni only uses the purest water possible. They use reverse osmosis water treatment is by far one of the best ways to garuntee this (Ro is a process where in you demineralize or de-ionize water by pushing it under pressure through a semi permeable Ro membrane).


Beside Aoni quality ingredients, they have develop their own machienes to achieve a standard beyond the industry of the norm. The technology in their machienery allows them to handle their condoms. With the water most precicsion, ensuring that every outoput of condoms is crafted and made with care.water-life-cropher103

Aoni lubrication provides a mess free experience, which means no more oil stains or clean ups. Aoni condoms are washable, stain free, water based lubericants to mimic the natural secretion of the female body to ensure a pleasureable skin to skin experience. Aoni has mastered the amount of lubrication applied on each condom to provide useres a friction free experience.

Aoni is also being known for their signature fragrance. “Phere Essence” roots itself from the word “Pharom one” which the chemical that serves as a catalyst of ove and passion. Aoni newly created Phero Essence line is a blend of natual essence is ablend of natural essences extracted from rose, vanilla, incense wood, plants, amongst other natural aroma that stimulates the secretion of pheromines to enhave the love making experience as natural as possible with the wisdom and knowlede of today’s technology on a safe level.

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