Are you a “JIC” Chick? (OLD POST)

Are you a “JIC” Chick? If you are wondering what that is, it is a Just IN Case Chick. Break glass if needed. You may be a JIC Chick and not even know it. In the beginning of meeting someone, action ladies, I say again ACTION means more than words. Especially the words on a tiny screen that seem sooooo sweet. Awwww he tells me ” Good Morning” and ” Good Night” he is so sweet. Bla bla gaaaaaaaag. In the time you are reading this Blog, I could have sent a text to 10 women saying good morning. That morning text doesn’t seem so sweet now huh? You may be falling down a S***hole, as No. 45 would say. Being 1 of many doesn’t feel so sweet now. In the game of love, there are gestures and there are actions. Open you mind and do the math. Does he have more gestures than actions? You may be a JIC Chick. He emails you constantly but you don’t have solid plans to see each other. You may be a JIC Chick. He has a text pattern, in the morning, lunchish, or nightish there is never really solid texting back n forth. You may be a JIC Chick. You both have established interests but texts replies are days later. You may be a JIC Chick. You get those pictures that seem like they are personal but they are general pictures, you may be a JIC Chick. You have a suspicion you might be a JIC Chick, guess what you are. The benefit for him? It requires little to no effort to maintain a potential relationship with you and he gets to have your attention when he decides.

Message here, if there is interest between you two, demand more, don’t be a JIC Chick. Like a fire extinguisher that is rarely use, that will be you. Of course when he has a fire, do you want to come over to watch a movie?

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