Coffee Grounds Returns to Caffeine Radio( Once More)

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In truth I just decided to Leave for a while other Radio Personalities Tired to Carry The Note of leading Caffeine Radio into a New Era! Well as many of you Coffee Nuts know , Caffeine Radio begin to sound very different .As well take a Different Look which many of you begin to not tune into the Station.So of you remember also the Crazy shit that went down of facebook The Caffeine Radio facebook page months ago.Or maybe it was longer ago , I don’t remember to it one of the stupidest shit ever to go down in Caffeine Radio History! ( In fact The Caffeine Radio has had some stupid shit happen lol ) Bloody Hell there was a time that A Few Of the Original Staff of Caffeine Radio Broke off and Started their own Radio Station ! ( That didn’t last Long lol though.It was just one of the many shit has happen while Caffeine Radio been through.I only wanted to Talk Radio and let other’s have the Same Opportunity to do the same.Yet there are those who think the can either do better think they.Which seems to happen a lot .It seems there is that one person that can’t find their fault at their own failure!

So when this last Stupid shit took place on Caffeine Radio facebook page.Due to me wanted to give some professional advice to some new Radio Personalities advice and pointers on how to have a successful show. They got upset about and lashed out lol.Which is freaking hilarious you think about it.They got upset that I said some shit like they were not kids and shit yada yada etc!But the crazy part is that I was so shock i decided to step down From Caffeine Radio. Guess what happen when I did that ? The station went down hill after that. There was time the station was off air and none of the Radio Personalities paid any kind of attention.But you the listener’s did! You cared and email , called and facebooked , and shouted about what was going on with the Station! I truly appreciated that as well did other’s who begin to take interest in my Morning Show Coffee Grounds.

As well in TheSocialiteDj who has been turning heads with her unique style of Djing and show Traveling Kicks . So with so much happening I just said i will let these Radio Personalities do their thang I have other important things going as well.I admit that was a DUMB ASS move on my part lol. I shouldn’t have left The Caffeine Radio Station.It was stupid as fuck to let people who couldn’t even get the passion i have for Talk Radio , Perhaps they couldn’t relate or simply understand the meaning of the importance what is to me or those who care about Caffeine Radio! The Caffeine Radio has so much crazy history.I have a lot to say , due to the shit has be going on these days. People talking a lot shit about me and about The Caffeine Radio.Funny thing is that I simply just let fucking blow in the wind.But this time , its gone to far, the lies that are being told by these freaking liars.Well due to all the positive feedback from our Support Sponsor’s and Listeners who get it! Im only speak about it in this blog right here.

I’m done taking blame for your bullshit laziness , not wanting to write the blogs you need to go to get your show popular.Or better yet it’s not my fault no one wants to sponsors your show.It’s notmy fault you quit and didn’t make something out of your little small life . You decided to the shit you did to yourself.Not my fault you allowed Drugs to ruin your Soul and Spirit. You quit and choose to lie behind my and dumb ass moves lol.Take Freaking Responsibility of Your Decision’s of YOUR LIFE CHOICES!

Mr. black tie

Mr.BlackTie Newest Show of Coffee Grounds witht Music Production by The Socialite DJ !

Posted by Colored People Magic on Tuesday, April 23, 2019
One The Many Show Of Coffee Grounds !

I’m Returning back to reclaim Caffeine Radio and Make it a Positive Flowing Talk Radio Station.As well I have kept Two of Caffeine Radio personalities Who only gave Positive love to You , The Reader’s , Listener’s and Viewer’s.As well Bringing back some Caffeine Radio Personalities who should of Never left in the first Place! Also New Djs and Radio Personalities are coming as well! But Due Understand that Caffeine Radio is Under New Leadership and Ownership! I’m just here to make sure it work out the way it needs too!

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