Here We Go; The Rules! Since Some Need Them lol

Being the Editor Of Chief for The Caffeine Radio has been something I wanted to do long long ago. When Mr. Black Tie was pushing it forward into an Urban Style Radio! (Which was a huge mistake in my Opinion)

I believe there should always be rules that are in the open, due to some people who just don’t get it other wise! Such as some people out there that are saying some rude and nasty things about The Caffeine Radio. First to the lady whom didn’t just curse out The Socialite DJ, that was pretty childish, as well as cursing at another Radio Personality who was trying to tell you how to load up onto Your Show! Your attitude will no longer be part of our COMMUNITY ONLINE HERE! There is no money back, you can read right? You knew this when you began over six months ago. You will not be getting any your money back. No matter how much you threaten any one at the studio! We won’t out you, but believe us, we have all your emails and receipts, which it clearly states no refund. Your attitude has been ugly since you had started. It can be seen on The Caffeine Radio’s page! You can scream scam and fraud all you want. You won’t get your money back. Besides our no refund policy, you can’t just start lying and expect us to say ok. We don’t break easily, especially by wanna be bullies like yourself. The way you came at Radio Personality Dangerous Di, was wrong too! But You didn’t care nor respect anything anyone else had to say. As I also said, we won’t out you, your doing a fabulous job all on your own lol! I will say this to those who are signing up and those who have: Please Understand This Right Now! You will not curse at anyone on staff nor another Radio Personality. There will be no ghetto attitude, no trash talk, no back talking to staff. If there is an issue, be respectful and talk it out. You will be expected to have some common sense and decency! Just saying people lol (You respect all managers on staff and will respect any kind of critic from our marketing crew. They are here to help you and you have the right to not follow our advice “Your Show is Your Show!” I have to admit I did not think I’d be writing something like this, but to one certain woman, it has to be done. Some people don’t know how to behave or act respectful. So ok here they are. These are just some of the rules lol. I have a feeling I will be doing a regular routine writing on the rules to remind people lol.

Tommy Wilroku


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