Tyler the Creator does it again with single “Earfquake”

Tyler Creator, a young rapper and artist, the founding member of rap group Odd Future, does it again with his hit sleeper single ” Earfquake”. The rap combines a sweet sense of urgency with a youthful spin on 90’s R&B. A lilting ode to the past Tyler is reminiscent in his new video for “Earfquake” of a young , but edgier version of Andre 3000 with a humorous guest spot from Tracee Ellis Ross of television’s ” Blackish”. The pain of a lover begging his significant other to stay makes your heart swoon and your feet tap to the beat. The video is disturbing in some parts in true Tyler the Creator fashion, but you if are a horror movie fan you will be fine. The single is lovely for summer and will be wonderful for Valentine’s Day for making that special someone smile or making up.

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