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Coffee Grounds… Hmmm where do I start , I guess the Beginning to the END and The Ending is my beginning.. lol I wonder if that even came close to making any sense? To me it does; My life as I knew it was at an end when I began this adventure of Talk Radio! Caffeine Radio was the start of a Family dream, and my nightmare as the same time. Caffeine Radio was the start of everything for me, yet Coffee Grounds was the starting point of my life, to be able to express myself as a Man on a journey. Coffee Grounds is my of voicing out to the world, my answer to keeping my mind focused. A way to express and yet ask questions. I started Coffee Grounds when I was young, very young in my teens. It was originally a newsletter and later in the years became a four page black and white newsletter. In time it became a News Paper and then into a Radio Show. Then after a Heart Broken crushed moment in Austin Texas I shut it down and reformatted my ideas and thoughts. I started a video show and promoted it on Facebook. And thus Coffee Grounds made its debut and begin to emerge once more. It got me to make a daring move to Sin city, where it once more was on the air waves and in print too! http://www.mrblacktie.com/Newblacktie.html This time on KLAV 1230 am, it was crazy times and fun as well. Things went amuck though as it always do.. lol But Coffee Grounds grew and the popularity did as well. As I said things went a little crazy and things didn’t go the way I wanted them to go. http://www.mrblacktie.com/fitk/coffeegroundsmain.html. I begin to seek else where to do radio, and I did. I got picked up on an online radio station YBS Radio. And as things went onward, I out grew the station there and thus began to do my very own station; Caffeine Radio and that’s where things got really crazy with these two people. http://www.mrblacktie.com/zine/tppinterview.html and http://www.mrblacktie.com/zine/biinterview.html one my best friends “The Pied Piper” and my then fiancé “Brass Iridescence”. Neither one of them are part of my life any longer yet Coffee Grounds remains strong and close to my soul and Heart. In due time I will got into depth about what happened and why things went the way they did with them as well as others. I can only say now though things are going the way it needs to do go. I’m with the right person or people in my life and things have changed for the very best for me in a lot of ways. Welcome to Coffee Grounds.

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