YOUR SUCCESS Is Much Closer Than You Realize (If You’ll Only Stop Doing This)

When one of my clients, “Susan,” an entrepreneur, first started working with me she was anxious about her lack of success in her own business. She wanted to make more money and have more clients, but that wasn’t happening for her, even though she was very good at what she did.

During our initial coaching calls, she’d complain about what others in her industry were doing.

This has happened to all of us at one time or another.

These were some of the topics:

• The results they got for their clients (she thought her results were better)

• The amount of money they were charging their clients (which she thought was outrageous!)

• How they didn’t have to promote their business (and how their clients “magically” came to work with them)

• How they had lots of partnerships with other successful people (Susan had none)

• They didn’t “like” or “share” her social media posts (she never “liked” theirs)

• They didn’t accept her event invitations (and she went to some of theirs)

• And, so on.

Not until I was able to get her to appreciate the success that others were having, did she start having more abundance that she desired. We did this powerful transformation through marketing strategies and a variety of mindset work, such as tapping, Laws of Attraction and neuroscience.

If you find that you’re not having the results that you would like, I’m recommending that you ask yourself how you are talking and thinking about other successful people. Take some private time and journal what you come up with.

Here are a few questions to start you off.

When you think of others:

  • Do you think of them positively or negatively?
  • What do you say about their success when talking to others about them?
  • Are you happy for their success? Do you believe they deserve it?
  • How do you compare yourself to them?

As I teach my clients, you can’t be “rich” if you think that all rich people are evil. You won’t attract won’t you don’t like. That means you need to shift your mindset about what being wealthy means to you. As in the case with “Susan”, you can’t become successful if you’re envious of others more successful than you.

This powerful transformational work can be challenging to do on your own. It may be time for you to hire an expert (me) to help you get to that next level.

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