A 3am “Hello” (OLD POST)

….I awoke from my slumber.  A child in the belly of my bed.  A blanketing womb. Just as a white light flashes next to my head. Nestled deep in my dreams came but a disturbing force as my phone rang.

“Who is that so late?” Oh but a call from a potential witness at my next lawsuit. But alas I laugh. Over and over by such a dramatic story. Disturbed but not disturbing to my cause as I have come to expect this as of late. Once again my name hath been mentioned across the merry plains of America. Tickled as such, “please go on future witness,” I think to myself. Let me break out thy bed into a screen shot of this conversation.

Hahahahaha… So as I say, “ My dear. You are now but an employee of an all female crew. The entertainment lawyer has been secured. Sleep well. I have your back.” But I must rest thy weary eyes for these tears no longer cry of pain but of laughter. “For real bitch?” I say. “I gotchu” and then I rest again. “Tomorrow we shall sleep even better for we have them by the balls.” Upon my weary head I laugh myself to sleep at such thirty years of high school drama has prepared me for this day.

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