Dear Art (OLD POST)

What a splendid and glorious concept you are. To express myself in such a way that I am able to draw attention to my own inward emotion outwardly. The beautiful things you have shown this world. The lovely way in which you capture a moment in time. What a wonderful thing.

The love I have for you. The amazing things you do. The way you have shown me the world without ever stepping out of my home. You are a true friend.

I have but only one complaint. Why is it that so many will never know you like I do? This world grows colder with every passing day that you are lost to a phone. For every piece of art that sits on a wall, unadmired and untouched, it is like a child that goes without food. For that art was captured in that moment for that moment just to be packed away at an artist’s retreat.

Please take me with you wherever you go. Do not leave me unnoticed in the shadows of a closet. For it is with my own eyes that I must experience you. It is with my own fingers that I must feel you. It is with my own ears that I become entranced by you, compelled to dance with all five senses.

You are my plane ticket into another person’s soul. Unique and compelling. Every piece but a mirror into the darkness and light of the world. A reflection of the happiness and pain. A look back in time taken in the present to be admired in the future.

What a lovely and splendid thing you are. You are my life. My love.



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