Exhausted (OLD POST)

I am going to try to remember to keep active on my blog but my weekends are soooo full of trying to fit in everything that I do right now, that by the time Tuesdays roll around I am beat up and exhausted. Last night I think our premiere of our radio show went kind of okay.  We had a few minor issues we worked out all related to lack of experience.  The additional equipment I am coming with is definitely going to make the official roll out next Monday AMAZING! I guess it was only kind of okay because everything I rehearsed I didn’t do and it was somewhat of an excitable cluster fuck.  Otherwise, really, I couldn’t have expected a better show than that.

My co-host was something else man and it was such a great time!  We will have to remember we do have a max level of caffeine we can consume before we literally just end up cracking out but that was soooo much fun to joke about.  Really I think overall everything went well.  We clearly know where our areas of improvement reside and I would like to keep the co-host for awhile til we figure it out because life is just so much better sharing experiences like this with others.

Friday through Monday has always been a balls to the wall event for me ever since I started promoting events.  Outside of working for Crain Media Monday through Friday, I very much enjoy my work selling art for Black Earth Art Studio, providing assistance with Plumerville Super Speedway and booking studio time with Arise Recording Studio.  My dream is really coming together and I just can’t let anyone make me feel like I am tired.  I am where I want to be in life with this radio station as well.  Seriously the only thing I guess I am lacking is the lavish life-style that comes with working hard to be successful but I feel like it will get there.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank thecaffeineradio for providing for me another outlet for my creative side.  I want to thank all those that have supported me through this.  The response I have received from people has been just absolutely outstanding.  I am going to say this is probably the first time in my life I actually had my shit together and felt like I did. Just dude…Tuesday rolls around and I just want to go into a coma for a couple days.  Gotta keep truckin tho.  I really think that’s the part about being successful people forget.  Remember, if you want to be successful in this industry it’s do or die.  And I’m done with dyin’.

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