Hello Everybody!

I’ve been working extra hard to get everything setup for my radio show that airs every Monday night on The Caffeine Radio and on LasVegasRadioNewspaper.com. I’m happy to be back and more excited than ever.

I’m doing an experimental show tomorrow night and would love some feedback. I researched tons of old radio shows from the 1920s-1950s and made one of the coolest radio intros ever.

I can’t wait to hear from everyone and would love to chat some time. Every show I like to try a different topic and see how it flies with the listeners.

So where are you from? I’m from Little Rock so my time zone is Central and I always make sure I’m ready to go at 10pm Central every Monday night. I hope you can tune in and check out the new show and if everyone likes the format then I’ll continue to work to make it better and better bringing on a different cohost every week and different voice actors.

Plus I’m happy to be sponsored by healthEcoffee! Seems like they go hand in hand with the Caffeine Radio and I know they’re excited to.

Expect more blog posts from me as my schedule settles down a bit. I have tons of events scheduled this week but I’ll always try to make time for my peeps.

Pleasure being back on the show and blogging. So much to discuss and uncover. I can hardly wait to see where the road goes from here.

Blessings and salutations and stay tuned. Much more to come.

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