HomeGrown Radio DEBUT! (OLD POST)

MUCH LOVE to thecaffeineradio.com for this blessed opportunity I have! I took a break Sunday to ensure that I am well-rested and WOUND FOR SOUND to debut my show HomeGrown Radio tonight out to my VEGAS peeps and all around the world! Mizz Cazzandarah gonna show you how we do it here in Little Rock!

I will be coming at ya live at 10pm Central every Monday night if I haven’t prepared for the show and if I have time who knows I may do some pre-recording. That’s the beauty of radio. Flexibility


THIS is a Cassandra Complex show. Although clearly an extension of HomeGrown Promotions or rather an outlet or a tool to allow me to introduce local artists and have on assorted co-hosts, REGARDLESS, what I say and what I do is not in any way, shape or form a reflection of any other company that I am a part of or that personality that I portray there.

I have all the knowledge in the world and now I have a platform to relay that wisdom to you in such a way that now, if you wanna hear me you can come to me. I’m not going to be putting myself out there to the world with the intention of being cynical, cold-hearted, or offensive. I would like to say I expect that to happen occasionally because I do want to press the pressure points. I do want to get to the root of the issues that need addressed and HEALED! This is MY show! Point blank I will cover a wide range of the mysterious and the macabre because if you know me then you know that is who I am.

I love all forms of art, I am different, I am boisterous and I am deep but most of all I am very poetic. I would graciously like to extend the link to my radio show to you. We have had one successful test run and one with technical issues and so the chances of either one happening tonight are 50/50. There really is no telling what is going to happen tonight besides make history. And it would mean the world to me if you were a part of that.

What a mystery it must be * to see what I been conjuring * this side of the Mississippi! Yall don’t even know me * nor you gonna show me * somethin I aint seen * while ya know I just be flowing * ever-knowin always showin you that megamastermindblowin beat bumpin radio * who knows what I got goin * behind the scenes a slight of hand * Imma make you understand * cmon man it’s time ta GO! *

Welcome – to the other side.


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