Mizz Cazzandarah- Miztress of Myztery (OLD POST)

As a creature of the night, I am always caught off guard when things are revealed during the day. After midnight nothing surprises me. I have a deep understanding of psychology but not from an educated point of view, just from a first person perspective. I have observed strange behavior in all walks of life. I feel at this point God has provided for us a very vague set of human-like suggestions to follow and then the “pack mentality” has driven people mad trying to obey these suggestions as if they were laws.  Even the laws of physics are ruled more by chaos theory and the mechanics of good estimated guesses than it is by chemistry and fact.

Quantum chaos suggests that on a large enough timeline everything is still predictable. Human behavior is no different. People may seem crazy while some may seem to have class but over a period of time we have all broken down and lost whatever sense we thought we had while the last person you’d ever expect to save the day becomes the hero in an otherwise chaotic scenario.

My thoughts on this are for those who think it couldn’t get any worse, well then my dear friend, you simply lack creativity. And for those who think this is the end, to someone else it is only the beginning. We should grasp that the universe is waking up. My favorite concept is that of the event horizon.

The event horizon is the point of the universe that all planets and stars appear to be red. It is the farthest point we are able to observe. There may be more beyond that but it doesn’t mean just because we cannot see it that it isn’t there. Just like knowledge and technology, there is always more to be revealed even when we think we know it all.

Then comes the Copenhagen interpretation:


My understanding of it is that nothing exists until observed. So once again two opposing theories of quantum mechanics that clearly cancel each other out. It really baffles me that even under the most strictest of laws everything is still up to interpretation. And thus I conclude, reality is merely a series of perceptions. That what may appear one way to one person may have been observed totally different by someone else experiencing the exact same event. We as humans need to remember this when judging or hating or arguing. It doesn’t make either person wrong. The only person that is wrong is the one not willing to accept that they themself may be wrong. There is no right or wrong. There is no good or evil. There is only a suggested view of reality and we can all grow from knowledge and experience not from opinion.


“Think for yourself. Question authority” -Timothy Leary


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