Radio – the Right Message Right Now (OLD POST)

There’s just something about music that has always just had more of an impact on my soul than any other elemental fundamental transitional force ever introduced to the world. I mean it’s far more powerful to me than fire, water or gravity. 

It has the ability to change your whole life with one song received at the right time. I knew as a young child I wanted to be a part of that. I didn’t know why or how but I was going to do something, I mean anything, just to have some kind of role in it. 

I’ve tried every instrument and played every role but the one that always stuck with me was radio. The oldest cassette tape I own I’m 3 or 4 years old introducing the next songs (Beastie Boys Gotta Fight For Your Right,  ABC by Jackson 5, and Su Sussudio by Phil Collins).

I’ve done sales my whole life and I’ve never particularly been a fan of the lifestyle or concept and usually I had to sell something I didn’t believe in myself. And I’ve done radio sales for country music at least three times but man there’s no greater pleasure than selling a concept you believe in, the people you work with being awesome and the environment you are a part of being something that is just really amazing. 

But one phrase I have learned that really stuck with me the day I started with Crain Media and My Country was “music is the right message, right now.”  And it reminds me of how purely random a radio station can be. You be havin a bad day (or even better is a good one) and it could be a song you’ve heard a million times or one you’ve never heard before and it just hits you. It can literally be three minutes out of your day that could change your whole mood. Well last night was that night for me. I can’t wait to share more about that and soon very soon I most certainly will. 

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