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The Big Move Artists are Making Their Way to “The Nos” New Orleans Square

blacksmoke101Rumors has it that there  are more bars and reatil shops coming in the art district t more than just galleries. Here comes the coffee shops and bars that have thier own  brewing system. Such is good for the city I’m sure, yet the artists are searching for a better result for themselves. “We are watching as it grows. These bars and shops seem and fancier, the lofts looks to be multiplying which is great; If they are buying art. lol” say’s another artist. “But we need to be able to afford the space for setting up galleries.” Truth is that alot is happening in The Arts District. It has changed and as for progress for a city that’s growing constantly; This is a good thing for a successful artist that knows how to adapt. For The Caffeine Radio, which we have been in The Arts District for years, in truth we rise form the depth’s of the collective down under. So many talented artists and not to mention fellow musicans that are down there as well.

I officially found The Caffeine Radio station down on casino center, as well I got my first reisdency at The Art Factory in its glory days! That was some time ago; So many talented people I got to meet and share some good vibes with. But change is always going to happen for better or worse. mr1101

So as in time I had to make some choices due to the suddeness of the area, as serious change has come and is still coming for The Arts District. I don’t play politics, I just do what’s best for my station and so with some regrets and conflicting emotions, I shut it down and regrouped everything around me and went to figure out what my next move was going to be. It took a moment to get everything back on air. But when it happened, I knew things had to be very different with the station. Our goals and direction, as well with our DJs and talk radio personalities. I love The Art District and will always remain true to the cause. But I needed to find a spot of growth and well freedom of control for my crew for new found creativity! I needed to figure out a better foundation than what I had before and I wanted to spread the arts more than in The Art District. I want it too spread everywhere! lvnet

So I with The Socialite Dj  went around looking for the right location and well, I needed to find the right sort of good vibrations as well as creativity of positive vibes! Plus I wanted a stronger foundation in my station and thus I did. By working with www.LasVegas.net And it’s happening, slowly but surely. (But as anyone can tell I don’t like to move slowly! ughhhh lol. I prefer to work with swiftness and precession. I get the job done. lol)las

But the very cool people of LasVgeas.Net are really backing us up here at The Caffeine Radio! I don’t even know how to deal with it to be honest. I feel great when another sees your dream! So with that I persued the next wave of action, getting something soild on the ground foundation. In a few months, I found starting door step, not to far from the art district, in the huntidge area. But The Caffeine Radio is limted there in space and creativity. So using that door step, The Caffeine Radio made another move. Returning to DJing in the Arts Distirct, not just at Frist Friday! But in the restaurants and bars too. sld

Our Very own www.TheSocialiteDj.com  has been DJign for a month or so at TheUrbanLounge first she started on Fridays and has been moved to Saturdays, unless there is a speical event going that the people doing the event has their own DJ! conductor101

As well I myself retuning to spinning a few styles at the soft Grand Opening at Tacos Huevos . With The Socialite DJ, we returned to the one and only Arts Factory once again showing The Arts Factory is once more alive with activity, food and music! It’s been a roller coaster for myself seeing many changes going on there. In my opinion seeing the black community alive there at night has been a sure delight!

As I said before though, I had to make choices and thus I finally did make a choice for a big move for The Caffeine Radio. We are no longer just a radio station, we are doing tv production as well. Much thanks to the Support of Las Vegas.Net they have made the DREAM into a reality.


As a matter of fact we now have a solid location as well. The Caffeine Radio is located at The ” Nos ” As we are calling it here at The Caffeine Radio lol. NewOrleansSquare It is the ideal place for us, and it would seem a few more artists think so too! First art crew to make drop on ground and fellow bro’s MunkArt! artevent

They are actually right next to The Caffeine Radio. It’s Dopeness as well due to the fact there are other’s coming as well! As I said before though; I love The Art District, I’d never abandon it.artcenter1








I’m just going to adapt to the changes and come back stronger and way more solid. I have DJ’d as well as The Socialite Dj  has DJ’d through out The Arts District. And we are just returning to the area once more. As you will see on our tv prodctions!


With just two productions and gigs every week, The Caffeine Radio is making a serious return to the art world, as well due to the fact The Art District has change. We are not to far from The Arts District, just at a solid with this foundation to Spread the creativity and good vibes to other’s about The Art District.artcenter3

And there are plans being made here at the New Orleans Square  to bring the same great atmosphere here as well! Coffee shops and art galleries and of course festivals ! I pick this area because its not just close to the art district, It’s also close to the Vegas strip , UNLV and well its in the center of most things catered to The Caffeine Radio crew  needs and wants. Updates about Caffeine Radio and what is going here at ”The Nos” will becoming on a weekly status. So many of you caffeine nuts wanted to know what was going on since out big move with LasVegas.Net  And yes I still do Mr.BlackTie  the zine and up dates on what’s going with my personal life and career is right on my site lol. As you can see we are doing so much more now and it couldn’t been done with you the viewers and fans, Much Love to you all!!mr99

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