Nothing in your life will work until you come to know the person that you are , People go on a quest for love for example when they haven’t yet learned to love themselve and still again they want / demand the umiverse to grace them with love , whichRead More →

The spirit of divinity knows who and where we are, therefore it is aware of what type of assistance we are seeking, or what questions that need answers.Whenever I need spiritual help .a peaceful calming presence surrounds me giving divine comfort, countless angelic energies appear in different fashions leaving theRead More →

Sister Rita X is a radio personality, who is also a member of The Nation of Islam. Sister Rita X joined The Nation of Islam under the Leadership of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his National Representative The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in 1979. At the age of 21Read More →

Many people will compromise their God given gifts and abilities to appease others , or they my feel the need to hide their true self out of fear, of not fitting into a certain click , who needs to fit in its much better to live in your truth andRead More →

We are the masters of our thoughts , we have the ability to create our realities and we do so every millisecond , we create n’ recreate it may not always be to our liking but nevertheless it is taking place continually. Success is within our reach it is withinRead More →

Love there is so much to say on the topic of love, poems are written expressing love in a natural sense of the word, however there is nothing natural concerning love , true love is divine it is not of this world , true love expresses itself in ways thatRead More →

Independence day has come and passed for America and the feeling of connection to my country seems a lot thinner than it use to be. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country. This is my home, I’ve never left though I’d love to expand my horizons, but as ofRead More →

We have all seen it before. The traveler, the business man and women, the backpacker, all shapes, sizes, and walks of life… Almost. More often than not I don’t see backpackers and business men and women. I see people living out of their suitcases, living on the streets, homeless. I’veRead More →

One of the Most talented and by Far gifted Artists out ..spoke to him for a moment. He believes this is the ideal spot for up starts and those who need to have a gallery .Since I having my radio station here as well .Im thinking he might be justRead More →

It’s been a week since The Caffeine Radio Production Tv Crew let loose to the world, The AM Show!! Which seems to be a hit with Sin City! A show that the world seems to relate too. The founder of The Caffeine Radio always wanted to share talent and knowledge ofRead More →