It’s been a week since The Caffeine Radio Production Tv Crew let loose to the world, The AM Show!! Which seems to be a hit with Sin City! A show that the world seems to relate too. The founder of The Caffeine Radio always wanted to share talent and knowledge ofRead More →

You know there comes a time in every DJ’s life where they’re like, “Look, I need new equipment. How do I get to some fast-easy money, without any trouble?” And then we sit there and think of all the places we want to DJ at and how this equipment wouldRead More →

“This is a big opportunity for The Caffeine Radio and well for ourselves.” say’s Mr. Black Tie while drinking his coffee. “It’s not like we don’t have a following.” Which has taken both Mr. Black Tie and The Socialite DJ sometime to obtain. Thanks to their  listeners and viewer’s at gigs andRead More →

We started as just an online radio station, and yes we have had a few people come through and move onward to other things. But one thing with The Caffeine Radio, YOU,the listener’s and supporters are always here. So when the founder of The Caffeine Radio said he wanted to makeRead More →

Aftershock with DJ Infectious Aftershock is going to be a show that The Caffeine Radio hasn’t had in quite a while. As DJ Infectious is going through his life; He will bring it to life for us using unique sounds, comedy, and with plenty of talkin moments giving more insight. You canRead More →

JP Hitch on WTF My Relationship JP Hitch has a passion for understanding relationships. When, how, why, and what are we doing in, out, and around them.   He is a spiritual master, student of psychology, and matchmaker. He has spent years studying people, relationships and coming to the conclusion ofRead More →

T n A Radio Show “Keeping it Real With The People” A show consisting of two young women Tiffany and Angel. The show covers many topics, touching  different aspects and areas of life from the view of these young ladies. Ranging from politics to relationships, down to the nitty grittyRead More →

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest one of them all? The Geisha and the hand mirror. The delicate gaze. The beauty within. What does the hand mirror symbolize? When I see a hand mirror, the person using it is aware of their own beauty. There isn’t any vanity,Read More →

Instead of having an orgasm, then passing out for the night, make the rule that neither of you can come ’til morning. Throughout the night, whenever one of you happens to wake up, give the other one a sweet kiss or a sexy rub between their legs and he canRead More →

  When you have an emotional connection in bed, it doesn’t matter what you do – because it will always be good. When you have sex with a woman, your focus should be on communication. It’s as vital as creating good flow Without both communication and arousal, a woman won’tRead More →