It is likely that just about everyone on this planet enjoys receiving love and affection. Along with this, just as many people are likely to enjoy expressing love and affection. When this takes place, someone can give another person their full attention. Thus, this can also be a time whenRead More →

There ought to be a law. This, signature line, from a popular comic strip, unfortunately, only tells part of the story! While, certainly, there are still, many violations, which we should seriously address, merely enacting another law, is a somewhat, meaningless step, because, unless/ until, we enforce any rule, itRead More →

When one of my clients, “Susan,” an entrepreneur, first started working with me she was anxious about her lack of success in her own business. She wanted to make more money and have more clients, but that wasn’t happening for her, even though she was very good at what sheRead More →

You’ve probably seen, or at least heard of, the show Hoarders. It’s about people who have become so attached to their things that they can’t bear to let them go or throw them away. It gets so bad in many cases on the show that houses are unsafe to liveRead More →

Some time ago I came across this lovely film, The Battle of the Sexes (2017), which portrays the happenings primarily in the tennis world during the early 1970’s. During this time, the women’s liberation movement was gaining ground. Patriarchy was being challenged and the face and nature of society wereRead More →

The Socialite Dj Gets a Insightful Interview with Nikon! The Insight to going to the Nab Show can help Improve your Video Productions to Audio. One can learn everything he or she needs to learn on what needs to be Successful on Podcasting as well as Blogging! My Partner TheRead More →

In truth I just decided to Leave for a while other Radio Personalities Tired to Carry The Note of leading Caffeine Radio into a New Era! Well as many of you Coffee Nuts know , Caffeine Radio begin to sound very different .As well take a Different Look which manyRead More →

I believe there should always be rules that are in the open, due to some people who just don’t get it other wise! Such as some people out there that are saying some rude and nasty things about The Caffeine Radio. First to the lady whom didn’t just curse outRead More →