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Back by popular demand!

Written By: on October 19, 2018
Posted in: Walk The Talk Radio with The Queen of Hearts

Back by popular demand! A second session of He Said, She Said. Thanks for tuning in last week, the Queen really appreciates ALL of your feed back. Tune in this…

He Said, She Said

Written By: on October 16, 2018
Posted in: Walk The Talk Radio with The Queen of Hearts

We’ve heard that phrase before.It usually has negative connotation and gossip follows. But its not gossip if its true. From sports, to documentaries,to talking about your friends GOOD behind their…

The Games That Women Play

Written By: on October 5, 2018
Posted in: Latest Posts, Let's Talk About It, Walk The Talk Radio with The Queen of Hearts

Tell me you heard that last show “The games that men play.” 🔥 Well ladies, I love ya- but you dont get a pass tonight. The Queens special guest for…

Sister Rita X is rocking The Air Waves with Knowledge now on Trumpet X Radio!

Written By: on October 3, 2018
Posted in: CaffeineRadioTv, Coffee Grounds, Latest Posts, Sister Rita X

If you’re Caffeine Nut’s didn’t know Sister Rita X, (who’s done radio before coming to Caffeine Radio) has left a few months ago, but while she was here, she gave…

The Return Of Murphy Brown

Written By: on
Posted in: Latest Posts, Sin City

Hello my dangerous crew, Well all day I have been waiting on the season premier of Murphy Brown.   I was so excited it seemed like a week to me.  So…

Mr. Black Tie Brings Coffee Back To Fashion Radio

Written By: on September 27, 2018
Posted in: Coffee Grounds, Latest Posts, Let's Talk About It

The Little Steps “I’ve always been about freedom of expression. This is the reason why I became a Photo Journalist. The radio talk show is a bonus. No wait, honestly…