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Looking for sponsors for the Brizette’s jewelry Boutique-N-More Fashion and music hour

Written By: on September 13, 2018
Posted in: Brizette’s Jewelry Boutique-N-More Fashion & Music Hour, The Caffeine Radio

Looking for sponsors for a platform radio showcase that has a large following please email at chelitawilliamsandboys@gmail.com 

Where were you?

Written By: on September 12, 2018
Posted in: Sin City

Happy Tuesday my Dangerous Crew,   The biggest question all over facebook and social media today is Where Were You?  Of course referring to the 17 year anniversary of the terrorist…

What’s Love Got To Do With It? From Self to Everyone Else.

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Posted in: Walk The Talk Radio with The Queen of Hearts

What’s love got to do with it? Quite frankly- EVERYTHING! There have been a lot of souls transitioning, passing from this life to the next, graduating from earth-school, is an…

Update On Oz Fox of Stryper

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Posted in: Sin City

Hello and Happy Friday to my Dangerous Crew,  Update on Oz Fox of Stryper!  Oz will be getting his MRI to see if the tumors have grown or shrunk on…

Burt Reynolds

Written By: on September 7, 2018
Posted in: Sin City

Hello My Dangerous Crew, Yes 2 in one day ( as I do my best Bandit laugh)  Sadly upon starting my show I received the shattering news that Burt had…

SOA vs Mayans

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Posted in: Sin City

Hey there my dangerous crew! So who watched the season premier of The Mayans?  I dvr’d it because I wasn’t sure I was going to like it and wanted to…