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The Love Jones Episode

Written By: on August 21, 2018
Posted in: Walk The Talk Radio with The Queen of Hearts

This love has caught me off guard like an unexpected pregnancy Unaware of its occurrence, This love has blinded me, it binded me and some how it reminded me of…

Platform radio show for new artists up and coming

Written By: on August 20, 2018
Posted in: Brizette’s Jewelry Boutique-N-More Fashion & Music Hour

The Brizette’s jewelry Boutique-N-More Fashion and music hour is a platform for new up and coming artists like myself if you know any new artists and they need a platform…

Hope everyone has a great week!!

Written By: on
Posted in: Sin City

I just wanted you all to know Oz Fox is home and resting tonight. The Dr gave him a emergency blood patch to the spine yesterday and it is working…

Brizette’s Jewelry Boutique-N-More Fashion & Music Hour

Written By: on
Posted in: Brizette’s Jewelry Boutique-N-More Fashion & Music Hour

Hello everyone I just want to say thank you for all the love that you have shown by tuning into the Brizette’s jewelry Boutique-N-More Music & Fashion hour every Wednesday…

Conscious Loving…Equals Energies ….

Written By: on August 18, 2018
Posted in: Coffee Grounds

Conscious Loving which is the enhancement of partner commitment through loving communion. It includes the experience of the “valley orgasm:” longer lasting and continuing waves of energy moving through the…

Utah one day turn around

Written By: on August 16, 2018
Posted in: Sin City

Hello and good evening everyone!!!   Yes we hit Utah yesterday for a one day turn around. Man what a long yet beautiful drive it was. Leaving Vegas at 4am…

The Socialite DJ and Mr.BlackTie Goes Eureka! Las Vegas Style with Liquid Jazz !!

Written By: on August 15, 2018
Posted in: BlackSmoke, Mr.BlackTie, The Socialite DJ

  It’s been four Saturdays now since The Socialite DJ and myself (Mr. Black Tie) have been spinning Liquid Jazz at the new sensation, Eureka! Since our departure from doing…

The Queen of Soul

Written By: on August 14, 2018
Posted in: Sin City

Good evening all, I do know that you are all hearing of Aretha Franklin’s passing but let me set this straight. At this time there is only news of the…