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The Rocking Spot In The Arts District

Location: Charleston & 3rd

1108 S 3rd St. Las Vegas, NV 89104

Number: (702) 522-9953
Rocking ‘N’ Noodles has been open for just a month, and it’s already becoming as iconic as the music icing that’s played through the restaurant. I have to admit, I was quite impressed with just the music and the theme. It’s as original as one can get with a noodle shop. There’s nothing average about this spot, they play some of the best rock music of the decade. Now understand their selection of noodle creation goes perfect with the atmosphere of the restaurant. My favorite dish by far is the Sweet Home Alabama, a creamy smoked gouda macaroni and cheese tossed with purple onion and bacon. Topped with buttermilk marinated popcorn chicken and a swirl of barbecue sauce. It’s by far the yummiest dish downtown in the Art’s District. Not that other restaurants aren’t worthy, it’s just that in my opinion Rock N’ Noodles is worthy of your taste buds. It’s unique and most of all, anyone who knows me knows I love a unique spot. Here is one that is a must visit. It’s cool that they have open arms to the community with music, good dinning, and creativity. So when you’re downtown or perhaps on your way to First Fridays check them out, grab some noodles and listen to some good music!



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