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The Socialite DJ Socializes at Tequila Restaurant

360 E Tropicana Ave suite #110, Las Vegas, NV 89169

I can’t even begin to tell you all how happy I feel to be back at Tequila again. My first time being there, it was just last year. I got the opportunity to DJ for them then. It was so great, I actually DJ’d there 2 times. The first was like a trial for New Years. But they loved it so much they actually decided to give me the residency. Then the second time was for New Years! But that night, my residency was gone. I was told that the restaurant was being shut down. I didn’t know what to say. It just sucked, I thought I found the perfect spot.
But recently we were just driving and so happened to notice that Tequila’s doors were open once again. So we dropped in. This time under new management. So I decided to talk to them. And now, the Happy Hour DJ is back covering them. It feels so cool. To know what we did there and now what were doing. We did our first radio show from there. Yes, that was our first show together. Lol. The Happy Hour DJ and LipsSealed. It was such a great time.
We sat down and had a bite to eat from. You gotta try there Big Bad Burrito/Chimichanga. That was so delicious. And when they said big, they were not exaggerating. Lol. Though I just got into Mexican food this year, that was the best burrito I’ve had yet! Seriously. It was so fresh! And the items they have on the menu all look delicious. Seafood items, nachos, Fajitas; mmm. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Lol. Tequila Restaurant is actually in the process of their soft opening. Their Grand Opening will happen in just a few short weeks, once they get the bar restocked! I for one can not wait to have Tequila back in full effect. Last time I was there everyone was loving it and having the best of time.
Until then the restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. Every plate comes with chips and salsa that they make fresh, chips and all! For those of you who know about Tequila then you probably remember how good the food was, this is better! For those whom it will be their first time, you will not be disappointed!

You can find them right on Tropicana just a few blocks from the Las Vegas McCarren Airport.

Written By: The Socialite DJ


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