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The Socialite DJ talks with Middle Feast at Bally’s Foodie Fest

I love food as much as the next person. But there are some people who are absolutely in love with food. I really believe Arkadi is one of those people. His passion for what he does is unbelievable, and you can taste that in his food.
cam01316I came across Middle Feast while walking around the foodie fest located in Bally’s Grand Bazaar Shops. We originally were talking with Bacon Boys, but they had a lot of customers, so we weren’t able to get to them. So we decided to walk around and see what else the foodie fest had. And thus we saw Middle Feast. I had no idea that these were the winners of seasons 5 Food Network. But I can definitely see why. Though he was as busy being in the middle of the fest he immediately was down to do the tasting. After talking with him and letting him know our ideas, he seemed excited. After finding out that he was the winner of season 5 on the food network, I really wanted to get a story on him. He let myself and Mr. Black Tie try 2 dishes. The chicken shawarma and their 7 spice French fries. The chicken shawarma from the first bite, I was in awe. The chicken was so delectable, the bread was fresh, the spices were just right, and the sauce was a-ma-zing! The fries, were, as fresh as the bread, and the fries, with the spices, I thought it was going to be really spicy, but they weren’t. cam01307They were soft, yet crunchy, and get this, I didn’t even need ketchup. Lol. I always put ketchup on my fries, but I didn’t even need it for these fries.

After the tasting we agreed to do the interview another day. He was getting so busy with customers. We left to do another photo shoot with the clothes given to me by Alex Presley. And I must say, that the Jan sport bag that I received from them at Magic made carrying all those clothes so much easier! That was literally a load off of my hands. But before leaving I had to stop at 2 spots that I have already worked with that have been so awesome to me. Fuel Bar, as well as the Disney art store. (You can also see there articles on the site) We came back 2 days later to do the interview. Again the man was pretty busy but he made time to do the interview. There I learned that the man, didn’t even have a food business when getting into the competition of the food network. Just a passion for food, so he entered, and won! He seemed to have all of the confidence in the world about it too. And from doing that he was able to open up not one but 2 food trucks. He has one where the company is based, out in L.A. California, and he has one that has just come to Las Vegas.

One day, I hope he and I can do a sit down to get the full story on the competition, and how Middle Feast came to be.CAM01323
But until that day, I can honestly say that as a DJ walking around, they needed music. Lol. And I could just imagine myself DJing for Fuel Bar again while the fest was going on. Food, Music, Dancing, sounds like an awesome time doesn’t it! I think so. Lol. Who knows, maybe I will get the opportunity to do so… Stay tuned for more articles about this. They’re going to be here until July, so if you’re hungry and have time, stop by the foodie fest, and make sure you try Middle Feast. Tell them that LipsSealed of The Fashion Radio says hello. Lol

Written By: The Socialite DJ

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