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Happy Thanksgiving My Dangerous Crew (OLD POST)

Good Evening My Dangerous ones!

   Early Thanksgiving to you all.  Yes tonight you may be able to spot me at the Count’s Vamp’d for the Thanksgiving Eve Open Mic and from what I have been seeing some great local musicians are going to jamming the stage for the John Zito Electric Jam which is every Wednesday Night unless John hit’s the road with Count 77.

  Tonight’s rockers should be one hell of a lineup on one of the best stages in the city!  The jam start’s at 9pm and ends at 1am.  Get on down to Vamp’d and enjoy some great music as well as fantastic food and drinks.  For the Wine or beer drinker try the venue signature drink’s  ” The Blood Bath or The Count’s Lager” Both are club favorites. 

   I’m pretty sure I will be stopping by after hitting Mr D’s Bike night on Rainbow and Oakey to check out the killer bikes and food  as well as the drink specials of $2 well and domestic beer’s makes it a good start to a rocking jam for sure.  Sadly tonight Mr D’s has no band so I am not so sure if it will be jammed packed as they normally are since this is Thanks Giving Eve.  Most will probably be home  baking pies and cookies, stuffing that turkey and enjoying family.  Sounds so nice, but I would rather be out in all the action having a blast than sitting around watching tv while my sister bakes and does her thing.  So I’m gonna go get ready to head out.

   Don’t forget to tune into thecaffeineradio.com tomorrow for the Thanks Giving Show from noon to 2pm pst



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