California Fires. (OLD POST)

Hello My Dangerous Darlings,

These fire’s devastating the state of California have to be the worst in history.  Today after my show I hit my Facebook to check messages.  The heading picture was sent to me from Jon Stockman who lives on the outskirts of Sacramento California. I can barley see homes it is so smoky out there.  This fire is only about a hour from his home, even tho the picture leads me to think it is much closer.   It seems likes there is a series of fires just about every 3 months or so in this state.

Talking with my friend Kat who lives about 20 miles outside of San Francisco, told me that part’s of the city are not breathable.  The air quality in the city was a level purple earlier today and in a matter of a hour of chatting with her,  it was raised to maroon which is hazardous to breathe at all.   It was so bad her brother was sent home from work.  Some of the schools on the outskirts of the cities on fire are closing due to the air quality all over the state.  One of my sisters( TWF) that lives just north of SF told me she was having dreams of these fires getting worse.   The beaches along the Cali coast look dark and hazy.  It is going to take some time after these fires are under control to get the air back to where it should be.

So why California, what is it about this state that it is getting hit with fires all the time?  Some believe the fires were sparked by a campfire, some believe it is a act of God right out of the bible, the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, as well as rumors that I believe to be true for Northerner California that PG&E due to old and falling apart electrical lines and old equipment in desperate need of repair sparked the Paradise fire in No. California.  Many residents think that PG&E is basically at fault, one believes that Governor Jerry Brown has made PG&E exempt from any lawsuits against them.  WOW if this true then how can  A huge corporation is not being held accountable for the fire, will not be held accountable for the property loss  as well as not accountable of wrongful death?  Really So the Governor is playing God?  Why can’t a major corporation be held accountable for the damage and loss of life when it is their fault? Will find out as the investigation goes on and answers surface. I hope that will be soon.

At this point I am looking for any contact in SO. California to get information other than the news outlets which I don’t trust to report the whole truth as to what’s going on out there.  There really aren’t any good reporters anymore.  I do know many of the Hollywood elite have lost homes in the fire zone.  Many pet’s and livestock are on their own in both the So. and No. Cali fires because owners couldn’t get them out in time so they let them have a fighting chance to run free in hopes they will find safety.

Remember to update your smoke detectors in your home as well as your C02 detectors. If you don’t have them and can’t afford them you can go see the Fire Chief in your area and they will help you get them for your home.  Be prepared  at all times to get out or as in the Military BUG OUT in the event you get caught in a emergency situation and have to leave your home fast.

Pray for the people and animals during this time of total devastation of their state.


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