Facebook friends and fan’s (OLD POST)

Hello and Good Evening My Dangerous Crew,

  Funny how people come into your life and then all the sudden they are gone.

  Darrell Key was one of those people.  Darrell asked to be my friend back in 2015 and we became good facebook friends.  As time went on he also became one of my biggest supporters and fan’s when I returned to thecaffeineradio.com earlier this year and always had a full playlist of his favorite music he would want me to play.  Darrell always kept in close touch with me and we were working on getting him a computer or laptop so he could do his own show.   That would have been so cool!!! 

   Over the last 2 months something was odd.  I stupidly wasn’t paying attention due to this time of year which is not a good time for me.  I had just lost my Uncle (my dads brother) around Thanksgiving as well as 9 years ago we took my daddy off life support and then 3 years ago on 12/26 my brother who was my best friend left us as I watched him go off to be with our dad.  So when I hadn’t heard from Darrel in over 10 weeks I really didn’t think to much of it till it hit me yesterday I haven’t heard from him.

   I started thinking ” Darrell hasn’t sent me any messages in a while” so I went to his facebook page and as I read the thread I was in tears when I saw that he had passed away just around Halloween.   I felt like crap, thought to myself that I should have stayed in touch more!  Being wrapped up in my own life which is so far from a excuse that I never noticed he hadn’t been around.

   So I am going to put this out right here and now.  Never, Ever let your life become so involved that you don’t notice that someone hasn’t been around or contacted you in a while to catch up.  You may learn a hard lesson the way I did when I went to his page 2 months later and discovered he passed away.  I am so ashamed and feel so horrible.  I have even read his old messages trying to make sense of how I didn’t notice.

  Darrell Key, I hope you are resting in peace and can still hear my shows in Heaven.  You will be missed and I will truly miss your messages and links to so much awesome music.    Thank you for all the love and support you gave me and the wonderful songs you asked me to play.  You will always be treasured as part of my show and  the sweet man that supplied some of the greatest iconic songs and bands on my playlists.  (My Music Man)

  All of us at The Sin City Show will be keeping Darrell in our hearts and in the music.  After the 1st of the year will have a special show in Darrell’s memory with all his favorite songs!  Oh that might be 2 shows, maybe 3.  Darrell was such a music lover that I have a full file with his name on it!

  Again my Crew, never let time go by from family and friends, life is way to short.  Being to busy or self absorbed in your own issues is one dumb excuse.  Always make time to say hello or even a short coffee date.  

                 So as I close out this blog I want you all to know that I am so grateful for all of you in my life weather it be on social media or on person.  For those that tune in to the shows, read my silly most of the time blogs I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  The love and support you all give makes me what to keep doing this and take it to the next level.    Thanks and Good Night.

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