Halloween Comes Early for us Horror Fans!!! (OLD POST)

BOOOO- My Dangerous Crew, 

Are you ready for haunted houses, haunted hay rides, scary mazes and the best of all scary movies?  You know I am.

It was 40 years ago  I used my friends ID ( back in the 70’s they checked) since I was only 17 ( had to be 18 for r-rated) to get in to see John Carpenters Halloween.  A low budget horror film staring horror regular Donald Pleasence as Dr Loomis and in fame only in name at that time the Daughter of  Janet Lee and Tony Curtis, Miss Jamie Lee Curtis who has become one of the most beloved scream queens along with a whole list of  blockbuster hits to add to her very impressive resume.  

40 years ago he came home and caused havoc and a bloody mess.  In the 1st movie we really had no clue why Michael Myers went back. We all had our suspicion’s. It was confirmed in Halloween 2 that Michael came home for his sister. Halloween 1 & 2 were the best out of all the Halloween saga’s till H2O came along 20 years later he came  looking for Lori Strode and her son but didn’t get them.  As the next installment comes in we see Lori in a mental hospital, Michael comes for her and we see her fall from the roof of the building.  So I am excited to see how Halloween 2018 starts and if this will finally end the Michael Myers and Lori Strode saga for good? Why do I highly doubt it tho?

So here is what I am thinking, wouldn’t it be a blast to get everyone together and hit the Drive-in as a group, set up our chairs in the cool fall air and watch Halloween 2018 together? Sadly I can’t do it opening day and have to find out if it will be playing at the Drive-inn’s on opening day or soon after. 

If anyone is up for the drive inn let me know and if we get a large enough group together I will set it up and we can go have fun and some good scare’s!!!!   So comment below or leave me a message on the blog and let’s get this going.  We would have to plan for Saturday 10/20/2018 since I have a prior engagement on the 19th at the Dive Bar for JC Berdoo, please feel free to join me and the band for some heavy metal high jinks!!!!  You can contact me here as well as send requests to be played on my weekly shows!!!! 

I FEEL A SIN COMING ON!!!! #sincity#

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