Happy New Year!!! (OLD POST)

Happy New Year My Dangerous Crew,  

  I hope today finds you well and not hung over from last nights party!  Starting this year things will be going a different direction.  I will be adding some unsigned Artist’s to the playlist’s and you can always hit me up on the blogs with music request’s you would like to hear!  I am always glad to make my listeners happy as best I can!   So with 2018  in the rear view mirror and being back on Caffeine for almost a year, I think it is time to play “Things you didn’t know about me”  We will start with the 1st blog of 2019.

      One of things you didn’t know or wanted to know about me:

   I do not play any instruments at all.  My love for music comes from my Grandfather Anthony.  A great musician, husband and father and Grandfather, he was a music teacher and studio musician way back in the day of big bands, it has been said that he even played with the late great Louie Prima back in the day.  I believe music hit all his Grandchildren one way or another!  My brother Chuck (RIP) was a very accomplished musician during his time on this earth.  Chuck played by ear and played many instruments and started a band when he was in his late teens with 2 neighbor kids.  Both my sisters play piano and other instruments.  The youngest and I never got into playing instruments .  I wanted to be a DJ and the youngest was a avid Surfer and now a Army Veteran.

  You have to picture Chuck’s room was where the band practiced.  Chuck drained his waterbed, yes I said waterbed, that’s where the drummer was set up, small stack’s of Marshall amp’s and the 3 of them would practice.  Chuck on guitar, Doug on the bass and Angelo on the drums.  They were so bad that Doug’s sister Christy and I named them Morning Sickness!   As time went by they got better and we had to take the name back.  ( I just tossed that memory in for Christy!!)

  I started with The Lost Girl Show.  Playing a mix of classic and updated rock, things started to become normal and the fear was going away.  Some think I named my 1st show because I felt scared and lost in this whole new world but that’s not why at all.   The Vampire cult classic The Lost Boys is not my ultimate favorite movie, I was able to meet Corey Haim before he passed and it was filmed in one if my favorite places on the Cali coast Santa Cruz!!!!!! Yeah baby!!!! The shows name was a tribute to the movie and Corey Haim, who was one of the sweetest actor’s I have met.   As time went on I started receiving messages from artists on my Facebook and MySpace, Yes MySpace was still fairly active at that time.  My social media friends were asking if I would play more than just rock as well as my musician friends asking me to play their music?  I said I would and started adding their music to the mix, then eventually went on to play 100% Unsigned Artist’s.   After a short time one of the F-Bomb’s  host came back to the station.  After talk’s I was asked to co-host with him on the Outlaw Radio Show and it exploded for us.  So now 2 to 3 days a week I was doing back to back show’s and I loved it. We even had some of my friends co-host with us as well.   After time I changed the show to Sin City in honor of my friend Shelley Miller and her song Sin City.

  Things went sideways for a short time for all of us and I went my own way for a bit.  I went to 2 other stations and was far from happy since they weren’t what they claimed to be.  One day I posted on my Instagram and saw I had a reply.  It was Mr Black Tie saying “Come Home Di”, My heart melted and I said yes and have been back for almost a year and even tho, I don’t always follow the rules, I’m far from a blogger and don’t think I write so well, trust me, I will read this 1000 times, post it and find more error’s!  Yet Mr Black Tie tells me that I’m a good writer, Monet Mayes listens to my show and always sends love and encouragement when needed and puts me in check when I get a pissy to! Love that girl!   I will stay as long as they want me to, I have no plans to go to any other station at all.  There are plans to add to this adventure sometime in 2019!  I will keep everyone posted when I have more new’s.  

  I’m outta here till Wednesday’s Blog, have to figure out what I want you to know about me next!  Theeheehee!

Please leave comments below, song request’s and questions which I will answer on my shows on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 12 noon to 2pm PST!!!! 


                                                 PEACE, LOVE  AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 




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