Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!! (OLD POST)

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are having a great weekend.  Last week Vegas peeps and fan’s of local boys Dirty PairAdice  got a rock n roll treat.  The Count’s Vamp’d owned by Counting Car’s star Danny ( The Count) Koker Threw Dallas Williams the front man for local Tribute Band Smashing Alice a Birthday bash. It was a jammed packed house from about 9pm till 2am.  The biggest treat was when the original members of Dirty PairAdice took the stage with Dallas after a 5 year break up due to musical differences.  It was like the boys never split at all, the music was tight and everyone in the crowd was so loud you could barely hear the music! Dallas even tho he cut off his long hair ( said he had to because he got a man job) still had the venue going insane.  After the show Ruzz Rozz (bass) & Dylan Dice (guitar) came out to the patio area to chill with me and have a drink. Ruzz and Dylan both told me it was like they never split up, from the 1st rehearsal it was still Dirty PairAdice magic, and we all heard and saw that on stage! The boys 5 years older and wiser have decided to put Dirty PairAdice back together and give it another shot! All 4 members are also involved in other music projects. Dirty PairAdice  are ready to come back and rule the Vegas stages once again!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oOESADyZW0  This link will take you to Dirty PairAdice on youtube live on Fremont Street in Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada


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