Losing Loved Ones During the Holidays (OLD POST)

Hello My Dangerous Crew,

I know the Holiday season is very hard for many of us since we have lost loved ones during this time of year, which makes it harder to celebrate.  I myself have had 2 major hit’s that make it hard to smile or even enjoy the fun of the season.  My beloved dad passed away 12/10/09 and my little brother, who was my partner in crime, always there to watch over and help me when I needed him, who I shared all my wildest adventures with and have 1000’s of funny stories about passed 12/26/15.   Yesterday we go the call my Dad’s brother,  My Godfather had passed.

There is so much to say about my Uncle John or as we called him Uncle Jack.   As kids we lived in California and My Uncle and cousins lived in New Jersey.  Every summer we would take 2 weeks or more, my parent’s shared the driving across country to go to the east coast for the family vacation.  Both sides of my family lived in Pa and NJ at the time so it was a huge deal to see everyone during the summer.  Since I had no cousins my age on my mom’s side, it was just all adults and little kids around,  My Grandparent’s or Aunt’s on mom’s side was the 1st place we would go.  With in 24 hours there, all 5 of us kids started begging to go to Uncle Jacks house.  Our cousins were all very close in age to us and it was always a fun place to be as well as Uncle Jack spoiled us.  SOS for breakfast in the mornings, old home movies of when Uncle Jack and my Dad were kids, I think my favorite one is when my Uncle made my Grandmother Hamilton mad and she was chasing him with a large fish and just couldn’t catch him to  smack him with it!  He was a Mentor to my youngest brother when he went into the Army, following in our Dad’s footsteps.  They spent a lot of time together when my brother was stationed at Ft Dix.   My Uncles house was always filled with laughter and fun.  There is so much more to tell, yet his son in law said it best in a facebook post I would love to share because honestly could have not wrote it any better, let alone at all.  It really didn’t hit me after getting the news last night till I saw the share from my cousin, my uncles youngest daughter and it hit me that it was real and he was gone.

Written Yesterday by Joe ( Uncle Jacks Son in Law)

Earlier today a great Old Soldier and my Father in Law, Command Sergeant Major (RET) John Hamilton faded away!

He was an outstanding Husband, Father and Soldier!
He served his Country honorably for almost 30 years including two wars! I met him when I was a lowly 2nd Lieutenant and he was a Command Sergeant Major! For those of you who have served, you understand that meeting him for the first time was like meeting a Four Star General!

He gave his daughter and my wonderful wife of 42+ years a great piece of advice – “ don’t marry him until he is at least a First Lieutenant!”

He was a great friend and mentor to me and many others! The legacy he left is unmatched: 5 kids, 10 grandkids, 15ish great grand kids. His children and children in law include a retired Army Colonel, retired Army Command Sergeant Major, two West Point graduates including a member of the first class of women at West Point in 1980 who is a senior Dept. of Army Civilian, and a female retired Lieutenant Colonel Nurse, who saw combat in Iraq. And among his grandchildren he has two grand daughters currently on active duty in the Coast Guard and Army Special Forces respectively, a grandson who served in the 82nd Airborne, a grandson who is a DA Civilian, a grandson who deployed to Afghanistan as an Army Contractor, a granddaughter who serves as an EMT First Responder and a grandson in law who is on active duty with the Coast Guards!

CSM John Hamilton is a National Treasure and I will never forget him!

“ And when our course is done, our time on Earth is run, may it be said Well Done! Be Thou At Peace!!

Well Done, Sergeant Major HOOAH🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍😃🇺🇸

So proud of my Uncle not only of who he was in life, the sacrifice he made for this country to make sure his family and others could sleep at night.  We will go on with our memories and stories, we will keep Christmas & the holiday season in their memory.  All I can say through the tears is I love you Uncle Jack, you are at peace with your brother Charles ( my dad) and the rest of our family that has been waiting for you!

So when you are missing someone that has gone on during the season, leave a empty chair for  your loved ones, rest assured they are always with you.   God speed CSM John Hamilton!



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