NERDS and I don’t mean the Movie (OLD POST)

Good evening all! 

1st I would like to apologize for cutting a hour short today. I had a family emergency, again I am very sorry I had to bail on you all today.  

    Now on to last night!!! Yes we had a blast. A little game style room on Fremont Street called of all things NERD’S.  My friend Frank Trestrail got a hold of me over the weekend to let me know that the band he sings with was going to be jamming with several other bands on Monday night and asked me to come down!  Yup you better believe I was there.  The man that put the band together none other than my friend JC Berdoo had no idea I was going to be there.  I got there a little early and surprised JC who was so happy to see me since the last time he played locally at the old Adrenaline (which is now closed) for the Vegas Rising Benefit to help the victims of the Route 91 Shootings.  As we watched 2 bands that went on 1st Jc and I had a long talk. After all these years of playing and shenanigans he has finally put his nose to the grind and is signing a record deal and a full  European Metal Tour!!!! Yeah I am so proud of JC and how hard he has worked to make this all happen!!!  Berdoo is heading to the studio on Monday to lay down new tracks for their new CD as well as sit down with me for a interview as to what is coming for the band.  I did facebook live the 15 minute set which is available to see on my page open to the public!!!  

As we parted ways JC reminded me to make sure to touch base with Frank to get the times they will be in the studio and make sure I am there to watch it all unfold!!! I am so happy for the boys, they have all worked hard to get to this point.  Once the cd is released I will be taking the more mellow songs, that is if there is any, lol and playing them on the Sin City Show. We all know I jam more classic rock and pop with as little bit of blues since I’m day time and you can listen from work etc.  

More updates on Berdoo as I get them for all my metal head friends out there.!!!   You can hear some of Berdoo’s earlier music on youtube! 

JC Berdoo Band

Posted by Diana Hamilton on Monday, August 27, 2018

Monday night with the Berdoo Crew
Monday night with the Berdoo Crew Dangerous Di, Rose Gonzalez, Little Brother and Ivy!


Da Girlz Beverley, Dangerous and Rose Monday night Shenanigans after the gig



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