The Grinch (OLD POST)

Once again I’m back my Dangerous Loves!

       The updated version of The Grinch was adorable.  More music to make it almost a musical but not quite.  A great movie to take the kids to see  or the Child at Heart in your life this holiday season.  I really enjoyed this film even tho my favorite is the original based on the children’s book How The Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr Suess in 1957 and later made into a movie for TV that aired on December 18, 1966,  9  years after the popular children’s book, and became a huge Christmas favorite for all ages.   Let’s not forget all the updated animation which is just awesome.

       Even tho The Grinch is updated I am sure it will be added to the classic’s and loved by all Grinch fans.  Writers gave the Grinch more personality and a few really super cute scenes to warm the heart.  I am sure when it comes out on dvd I will be in line to get my copy and enjoy it all year long.  Anyone that knows me will be able to tell you I’m a movie junkie.  You would think that I have a blockbuster in my home.  LMAO.  

         This was a short one to tell you all my thoughts but I am not going to say anything more as not to ruin this classic remake for those that have not seen the movie yet.  I think you all will fall in love with this latest of the beloved Grinch.

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