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The Queen of Soul

Good evening all,

I do know that you are all hearing of Aretha Franklin’s passing but let me set this straight. At this time there is only news of the Queen of Soul being in hospice and close to leaving us to join God’s choir. Someone on social media has once again jumped the gun without conformation.  I have been watching the internet and news very closely for any updated information. The last I found was 2 hours ago posted by CNN and the article states she is in hospice and the Dr’s expect her to leave us by morning!  I am asking you all to do your due diligence and check out information before you post on social media.

All of us at the Caffeine and Fashion radio are truly saddened by the news of Aretha’s condition  and send our love and prayers to Aretha, her family, friends and fan’s.  Please THINK and RESPECT before you post!!!




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