The Return Of Murphy Brown (OLD POST)

Hello my dangerous crew,

Well all day I have been waiting on the season premier of Murphy Brown.   I was so excited it seemed like a week to me.  So at 9:30 pst  I put on CBS and settled in for a 1/2 hour of Murphy and the former FYI crew.  It was just as I expected, full of  laugh’s, some new faces and a new news set.   It was if they never left the air waves 20 years ago.  The 1/2 hour flew by so fast it was crazy.   

The show starts out looking back on 2016 as Murphy wakes up on her couch to the new’s being reported by her son Avery Brown that Trump is our new POTUS!  That’s where she decides it is time to bring the FYI crew back together to do a daytime cable show.  As her son Avery comes home they exchange news that they are both going to have their own shows, same day’s and same times, yet Avery is on the other side of the fence, yes Murphy is a Democrat and Avery is a Republican.  This is going to make for 1 juicy show.   I just can’t wait to see where this season goes!!!! 

CBS has filmed aprox 21 episodes for the comeback season.  I get the feeling it is going to be a real hit, Having Hillary Clinton as a cameo on the 1 episode was a surprise as well as Murphy’s 1st tweet about dating POTUS once and going Dutch treat was hilarious.  Can’t wait till next week to see what trouble she get’s into next.  For you that were probably to young to watch Murphy Brown get caught up  and enjoy!!!! I promise you won’t be sorry you did! 

Don’t forget tomorrow night 9/28 Last Man Standing with Tim Allen is back on the Fox network.  Perfect double whammy for the fan’s of both shows.    I just wonder why CBS didn’t put Murphy Brown in the same time slot as Last Man Standing? It was CBS that cut the show after Allen’s appearance on a late night talk show.  Maybe to much competition between the 2 shows would not be in the best interest of CBS considering Last Man Standing had high ratings before being pulled from the line-up.  So hope you all tune in or have your DVR’S set to record so you won’t miss any of  it!!!

And yes I missed you Murphy Brown!!!!

I FEEL A SIN COMING ON!!!! #sincity#

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