Utah one day turn around (OLD POST)

Hello and good evening everyone!!!


Yes we hit Utah yesterday for a one day turn around. Man what a long yet beautiful drive it was. Leaving Vegas at 4am was a bit crazy since that’s normally when I crash and burn, so yesterday was a no sleep day for sure. WE took off with ice coffee in hand and hit the 15.  We saw sun up in Az as .  we stopped for gas and stretched out legs to get ready for the next length of the trip. Sadly we had to take care of business so it was a drop off paperwork, eat and explore a tad then home bound.

As I meant to blog and post pictured on the way which didn’t happen due to my adult daughter curling up on my shoulder and sleeping most of the way there.   I was amazed at the weather changes as well as the smell of the fresh air in the country vs the city. Something we really noticed when we returned to Vegas.  Stopping for gas at 10am the air was so crisp and cool even with the sun shinning was a huge difference from the normal 10am morning of the Vegas summer heat. A cool 61 as we got out of the car felt so wonderful I didn’t want to leave. As out trip went further the miles and miles of fields and cow’s and horses grazing was a welcoming site vs the dull views of a city day.  Radio blasting and gazing out the window wondering when the new town we are hoping to mover to will be just as peaceful as the drive made it more exciting. All the way up north was just wonderful.  I had no idea you could see parts of the outer Grand Canton from the 2 ,lane blacktop they call a highway out there

Coming into Heber we were all excited.. The main street is cute, lined up with old buildings and local business’s to family owned restaurants, a few fresh fruit and veggie stands a bowling alley out of I would say the 1950’s along with a small movie theater. Very small and charming. The homes were very old, most all brick and very charming. City Hall is so small that it looks almost like a hose a block from the quaint visitors center.

After paperwork was dropped off, a whopping 5 minutes in and out, unheard of in the cities, I was almost expecting Sheriff Andy Taylor and Barney Fife to make a appearance.  We took off to Provo to hit Sizzler which at one time was the coolest place to eat, sadly that has changed, the salad bar was very small, the food was ok, nothing like it was in the 80’s when the place was great for those on a budget. Now I would call it a glorified McDonald’s and just as pricey.

Heading back to the heat of Vegas we had the pleasure of enjoying a nice hail storm at one of the little towns we stopped at for gas and water. About 30 minutes further we hit a nasty rain storm that was so  bad the windshield wipers couldn’t keep up with the rain, so bad we had to exit the highway for safety reasons. a few more drops here and there as we traveled on but nothing major.  The views coming back close to sunset were more amazing than they were leaving town! Rainbows and Desert views with small groups of homes nestled between the bluff’s were absolutely breathtaking!   I do promise next trip we will take our time so I can treat you all to what I was able to see and get lot’s of pictures for everyone!!

I honestly think I am going to love it up there in the Utah mountains and I can’t wait till we get moved there and just enjoy the beauty of nature and the fresh mountain air!!









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