What to do on a Friday night when your broke and bored! (OLD POST)

Hello once again my Dangerous Crew, 

Yes I’m home and very sore from p/t yesterday and pretty broke at the moment. So what can you do other than watching a movie you may have seen 100 times, curl up with a book  or play on facebook?  I chose to play on facebook and low and behold I got a notification from Las Vegas Fox 5 news that they were live in LA… Ok I’ll bite. 

What seems to be a every day event in LA, Ca are car chases!!!  Yes another car chase. Last year while in Orange County and Hollywood for the Producers Choice Awards  and the Marines Birthday Ball ( was there for 4 days) the whole time there was at least 1 car chase a day, some came to a crazy end and some the driver just gave up and let the police take  them into custody. 

So  I started watching.  For 3 hours going it got to the point the Fox 5 chopper had to land and fuel up!!! 

The best part of the chase is the comments in the feed and the jokes people were making. I thought it was pretty entertaining not only reading the comments but the replies as well! 

A black Porsche convertible pulling a O.J. Simpson stunt on the 101 in La as well as cutting off to other  freeways,Went for 3 hours through several cities with police from several area commands behind him. It was like he was on a nice dive with the top down, completely oblivious to the flashing lights of the police. The funniest part is when Fox 5 announced that the suspect was on facebook live during the chase, yet we could not get his name so we all could pop over and see what he was doing. BUMMER!!!!!  We will never know or get the chance to see that facebook live since I am sure the police have it shut down. .

After 3+ hours the suspects being a older man and a woman passenger, I guess decided they had enough and went home with the police in hot pursuit.  These Idiots got out of the car while the vehicle was still in gear and just walked to the house like they had no clue they were in trouble?  Really wtf were they thinking? This inquiry mind really wants to know.  I have to say the ending was the most entertaining of all, with the police grabbing both suspects while under cover of a car port of some kind. The police took them into custody without a fight, as they cuffed the driver I couldn’t help but laugh watching this whole thing. I really think the guy had no clue why he was being arrested?

So now I am wondering if this wanna-be Bandit and Frog have a good lawyer? Since Governor Jerry Brown signed in to California Law that there is no more bail for those arrested, I am wondering if that has gone into effect or if these 2 hooligans will be able to get bail and enjoy the rest of the weekend?  For a excellent laugh and the best reality around Tune into Facebook live you never know what you will get into!

I guess it is time for me to make a bowl of popcorn, grab a diet coke and watch a movie I have seen 1000 times. Thinking Halloween! Get ready for the October 19th release of the next Michael Myers and Lori Strode saga……  

Peace out and Behave Badly my Dangerous one’s!!!



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