Where were you? (OLD POST)

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The biggest question all over facebook and social media today is Where Were You?  Of course referring to the 17 year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on US Soil. 

I started the show this afternoon a minute late because I was loading a song that was written just for September 11  th ,  recorded by Country Music Great Alan Jackson.  I though it was the perfect way to honor our lost, left behind and those suffering from the effects of that day.  The song being Where Were You. 

I decided to not to speak most of the show today other than a few minutes, This day has it’s own impact on me as it does so many others on a personal level.  As we all cried that horrible day 17 years ago for so many reason’s.  We cried out of fear for our fellow American’s, we cried out of relief when a family member or friend called to let us know they were safe, we cried for the loss of life and mourned  for the families who’s loved one’s will never come home. 

My day started out normal.  I woke up, turned on Fox News to a horrible sight on the TV.  At 1st I thought WTF is going on, still in that state between sleep and awake  my brain was fuzzy. I watched as the 2nd plane hit Tower 2 and then I knew we were under attack.  My 2nd Cousin Joe Worked at the World Trade Center, a cousin I have never met yet still my blood.  My cousin Tracey’s Law School was there as well yet I wasn’t sure how close she was to ground zero.  My Cousin John was at the Pentagon  just hours before the plane hit.  Living with my parents at the time, I ran to my Mom and Dad’s room and told Dad to turn on the TV.  My parents both lost all color in their faces as the report of flight 93 from SFO to Newark  was reported to have crashed in a field in PA.  If we were still living in the SF Bay area at the time there would have been a good possibility my Mother could have been on that flight.  Thank the Lord above we moved to Las Vegas 4 years before the attacks.  I was so grateful and relieved once we were able to reach family and get the confirm our loved ones were safe.   John was gone hours before the attack, Joe, since he worked late the day before he decided to go into work late, from what his grandfather( my dads brother) told my dad is Joe was on the subway when the 1st plane hit, since he was stuck in the city he was staying with friends and Tracey was in the Village if I remember correctly.  I cried tears oh happiness they were safe.  Others were not so lucky to get those calls from their loved ones, some received that finial message on their voice mails and answering machines other’s just silence.  All phone lines and cell towers were over loaded it was almost impossible to get a hold of anyone on the east coast.  We were to get  information from contacting my Uncle Jack and Aunt Jean via AOL Messenger on the good old dial up. 

As the day went on  I saw something I thought I would never see, People, American’s and visitor’s to our country pulling together as 1 to help bring those trapped to safety.  The FDNY and NYPD  worked so hard together along with other 1st responder’s and even civilians putting their lives in danger to help others.   As days went on news showed homes all over the country flying our beloved Flag, it looked like the 4th of July without the fireworks.  It saddened and still saddens me that it took a horrible act of terror and the massive loss of life to bring us together. 

I like so many other mourn the great loss every year and still find it hard to deal with.

 Of the 2,977 victims killed in the September 11 attacks, 412 were emergency workers in New York City who responded to the World Trade Center. This included: 343 firefighters (including a chaplain and two paramedics) of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) & 23 NYPD officers.

So Where Were you that September Day?   

Behave Badly My Dangerous Crew!!!!

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