Are you a “JIC” Chick? If you are wondering what that is, it is a Just IN Case Chick. Break glass if needed. You may be a JIC Chick and not even know it. In the beginning of meeting someone, action ladies, I say again ACTION means more than words.Read More →

As a species, or biggest injustice to one another in to ourselves, beyond cruelty, war, and disease, is that we forget our interconnectedness with all other living creatures. We pull ourselves back into the everyday mind and believe we are separate from others, above, below, different, and therefore not responsible.Read More →

Independence day has come and passed for America and the feeling of connection to my country seems a lot thinner than it use to be. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country. This is my home, I’ve never left though I’d love to expand my horizons, but as ofRead More →

We have all seen it before. The traveler, the business man and women, the backpacker, all shapes, sizes, and walks of life… Almost. More often than not I don’t see backpackers and business men and women. I see people living out of their suitcases, living on the streets, homeless. I’veRead More →