Happy New Year My Dangerous Crew,     I hope today finds you well and not hung over from last nights party!  Starting this year things will be going a different direction.  I will be adding some unsigned Artist’s to the playlist’s and you can always hit me up on theRead More →

Hello and Good Evening My Dangerous Crew,   Funny how people come into your life and then all the sudden they are gone.   Darrell Key was one of those people.  Darrell asked to be my friend back in 2015 and we became good facebook friends.  As time went onRead More →

Here is the first take of what I, Dayo, have coined the term #TokeNotes. My personal reviw of certain strains of herb. Strain:Dogwalker OG. Its a Hybrid, some say Hytiva, since its sativa dominant. Conflicting reviews (the budtender said it was, but the web says it’s an Indica dominant hybrid).Read More →

Good morning my Dangerous Crew,     Some say he was the king of the Delta Blues, Some say he was just a guitar player, Some say he went to the crossroads and sold his soul to the Devil to become the greatest blues guitar player in history.    Born approximately MayRead More →

Hello My Dangerous Crew,  Sadly over the past week with everything that was going on in my personal life I neglected my blog’s. My deepest apologizes to you all.  Now off to rant today.  I have thought long and hard if I really wanted to attack this subject yet afterRead More →

Hello My Dangerous Ones And Merry Christmas!!!!! With all the buzzing of tourist’s and local’s Christmas is the most fun time of year in Vegas.   Fremont Street is just hopping with street musicians, Marvel super hero’s, rock stars and more.  Lot’s of fantastic music on the stages, drinks flowing, butRead More →

Hello My Dangerous Maniac’s,        With Thanksgiving weekend almost over and everyone starting to put up the light’s and decorations along with cleaning the chimney for Santa’s arrival on December 25th it is going to be a very hectic time for many of us.  All the Black FridayRead More →

Good Evening My Dangerous ones!    Early Thanksgiving to you all.  Yes tonight you may be able to spot me at the Count’s Vamp’d for the Thanksgiving Eve Open Mic and from what I have been seeing some great local musicians are going to jamming the stage for the JohnRead More →

Hello My Dangerous One’s,       Yes I waited to see Bohemian Rhapsody, partly because I’m not only huge fan of the Queen but I,  along with many others I was devastated at the death of Freddy Mercury who was larger than life to many of us. I wasn’t sureRead More →